Yoga for Everyone

Yogis practicing yoga nidra

Happy Holidays,

Thank you for staying with me as I’ve broken my record in the proximity of newsletters over the past few months, but with so many big changes happening over the course of this year, there has been much to share.  I send this final letter of 2019 to share with you a commitment of mine for 2020. As I continue to expand the variety and reach of my offerings, as I truly believe that yoga has the power to heal our world, I stand committed to ensuring that the teachings of yoga continue to remain accessible to all.

Yoga, as a traditional practice, is the skillful and earnest exploration of the personal and transpersonal human experience.  There have been many reasons, since yoga’s origin, that the practice and teachings have seen various shades of exclusivity, which span from social/cultural to economic and geographical.

The truth is, Yoga as a practice of personal discipline and self-inquiry is and will always be “free” to explore, and its teachings are now more available than ever in publications and on the internet.

Of course, even though yoga classes can be found in a much wider range of environments than ever, from low-income neighborhoods and schools to jails, rehabilitation centers, and community centers, not everyone seeking personal guidance can necessarily access or afford it.  Though the transformative power of intensive study through things like weekend immersions and retreats is real, it’s simply not always the most feasible option.

This is why I’m very excited to announce that my first two primary Colorado offerings in 2020 will either be donation or Pay What You Can based.  They will be in collaboration with individuals and businesses who are also committed to keeping yoga accessible. These include Derik Eselius and Axis Yoga/The Yoga Underground, and Erik Vienneau the founder of Awake.  I list the events here in short form:

  • Pay-What-You-Can Yoga Nidra Immersion at Axis Yoga/The Yoga Underground Jan 31-Feb 2nd
  • Awake Meditation 1-Day Retreat, by donation, at The Gathering in Evergreen Feb 9th

Please help me and spread the word to those you feel could most benefit from these offerings, and who might otherwise not be able to attend.  Space is limited for all of these events so early registration is recommended.

For complete details on these and many other offerings coming up, please visit my website.

I hope this holiday season brings you an abundance of beautifully embodied moments and heart-felt connections with loved ones,

Jeremy W.