Bringing Peace and Calm to the Commute: The Process

Hypothesis: If I can be honest with myself in mind, speech and action while driving, I will experience more peace in my life, more calmness in my mind, and people will even notice the happiness I can bring in the most subtle of ways. Can I go to bed at night at peace with myself in what I brought to the outside world and to who I am? This is how I will know I am living the truth. Somewhere along this journey of mine I found this quote, “Truth frees us to create the world we really want – both within and without.” Can I create the world I really want?

Conducting the experiment: I will keep a journal where I will reflect on my day and notice if I feel at peace with myself with the actions and thoughts I had while driving around town. I will breathe through my frustration, I will turn on calming music and maybe even roll the windows down every once and a while. I will use the time in my car to embrace the quiet. Through journaling each day, at night I will ask: Can I truthfully go to bed at peace with myself for how my day has unfolded?