Bringing Awareness to Consumption: Conclusion

My first hypothesis about non-accumulation did not turn out to be very accurate. The list of criteria would have been more effective if it just limited purchases to survival needs, giving me less wiggle room to justify things. But the truth is that I live in this material world and spend accordingly. This experiment showed me that I am certainly not “freed from the illusion of ownership.” And I can see how craving material things “muddies the stream of tranquility.” I will continue to be conscious of my purchasing behavior and hopefully improve over time.

My second hypothesis about misappropriation of my time was correct. In only a couple weeks I saw a definite improvement in my ability to give my full attention to the people and tasks at hand. I am confident that with continued practice I will experience more quietness of mind that will allow me to give fully of myself rather than spreading myself too thin.

Completing this experiment on asteya has shown me how this practice of restraint can lead to a lessening of desires and more awareness of my actions and their impact on others.