Big Results: Discovering a Difference

 Without this experiment I doubt I would have worked up to meditating as much I did, even though it wasn’t every day like I wanted.  The quality of my focus during meditation and my ability to sit still during became noticeably better. My patience increased even more at work (yoga teacher training had already helped greatly). This makes me so happy, it also makes me feel powerful as well; that I can control my emotions and reactions. It made me better at my job as a nanny. I had added intention on being as nurturing as possible in every action towards these children. I noticed during this week the kids were so much more affectionate and sweet, which gave me so much joy. I think this was a result of them reacting to my energy and us becoming even closer.

I also noticed at times I would say to myself “this is a situation where I would normally be feeling anxiety, but I’m not.”  This is wonderful because, the obvious, no anxiety, but I also was able to be aware of the fact that I wasn’t feeling it.  I was able to appreciate the growth that was happening and give myself a mental pat on the back.  That is a great feeling.