Better Health through Ayurveda: Changes Made

For my Ayurveda experiment I was not quite sure what to do so I chose to do several different ideas. I
found out through taking the online test, Beth had us take in the class that I am a Kapha. So I decided
first to give up coffee. I also tried new warming spices on all my food to ignite Agni or help my digestive
track. I only cooked my foods with Ghee. I gave up Gluten in my diet. I only drank warm fluids. I stopped
snacking in between meals only ate 3 meal s a day. I would also scrape my tongue first thing in the
morning and check my ama. I would make a shot of lime juice, salt and ginger root 20 minutes before a
meal. With my experiment I hope to see a difference in my digestion, to feel better, develop a new healthy way of eating, and to change my over all personal health.