Ayurveda to Appease Asthma: Week 2

During the second week of the experiment I lived a completely unmeasured and chaotic lifestyle, and I paid for it. I started off by paying no attention to the time I went to sleep or when I woke up. I went to bed when I was tired, sometimes this was 9:30PM and other times it was midnight. Consequently this effected my wake time as well. When I went to sleep at 9:30PM I found myself naturally waking around 7:00AM and on the nights I went to sleep at 12AM I was naturally waking closer to 8:00AM. I did not practice meditation or asana, I just simply woke, showered and went to work. I felt so groggy and cloudy when I arrived at work and noticed that it took hours before I felt fully awake. I also paid no attention to what I ate or when I ate it. I was eating pizza, cookies, and other sweets; these are items that I generally don’t even eat during my ‘normal’ life. I must admit from the gluttonous taste side these items tasted delicious, but I could feel the terror they were wreaking on my body. Before the end of the week I noticed an obvious weight gain around my abdomen, my skin was breaking out and I felt a general sense of lethargy. Although all of theses implications were negative what I was focused most on was my inhaler usage. During this week I also stopped performing the aromatherapy while I showered. There was a HUGE increase in my inhaler usage from week one to week two. As referenced above in week one I was using my inhaler an average of twice (2 puffs) per day. During week two my average inhaler usage went up to 5 times (10 puffs) per day. Although is a huge increase in inhaler usage my general sense of well-being felt compromised as well.