Ayurveda Experiment to Reduce Acne: Treatments

I hypothesized that if I used a mask to clear away dead skin cells, my skin would clear up faster. I alternated a glycolic mask with an activated charcoal mask and applied it once a day for the majority of the experiment. I believe this helped to speed up the process of skin cell renewal and reduce pore blockages. I already removed my makeup and cleaned my face with almond oil and I was very interested in the oil treatment called Shirodhara so, I called and made an appointment with an ayurveda practitioner for the treatment along with a massage. I went to Jante Beauty Salon for the treatment. It was very relaxing and the treatment consisted of a mini-facial followed by the Shirodhara oil drip over my forehead and through my hair. I had the treatment performed in the evening which contributed to the relaxation it produced before bedtime.  The treatment lasted two hours but she called it the mini treatment which may be added alongside a massage. I enjoyed it immensely and had no trouble removing the oil the next day by adding shampoo before water while washing my hair. The practitioner was able to guess that my dosha was Pitta and some Vata which impressed me.