Ayurveda Experiment to Reduce Acne: Conclusion

           The principles of Ayurveda were easy to remember because they made sense to me in a practical way. I intuitively understood that coffee, acidic foods, spicy foods, and fermented foods increased inflammation which is another term used to describe the fiery aspects of Pitta. Years ago, I learned I couldn’t drink liquor without getting angry. I didn’t realize however, that ice cream and iced beverages could inflame Pitta.

The experiment was difficult for me because I love spicy food and coffee. I understood that these things lead to skin eruptions by causing an increase and imbalance in my Pitta dosha. I noticed improvements in my skin after only a week of the experiment which was motivation for continuing. Other people commented on the improvement of my appearance as well. I’m grateful for my new knowledge and I have shared it with friends.