Ayurveda Daily: The Evening

One of the most important daily routines suggested I did not do at all. It recommended taking a walk alone in a beautiful place for twenty minutes a day to wind down after work. I know how important my connection to nature is, but somehow I neglected this completely. I read right over it several times without it making any impact. Had I done this, I’m sure each and every day would have been better. It’s hard to do particularly at this time of year when it is cold and dark, but I do find walking in nature a meditative practice that is well worth doing anytime, but particularly at the end of the day would be an excellent healthy activity.

It recommended eating dinner then singing songs while doing the dishes. I did this once and it was really fun. In fact, I remember reading this and thinking it was humorous naiveté, but it actually was the reason I chose this section of the book to experiment with, since I found the silly suggestion so entertaining.

To end the day I had a hot milk, ginger, cardamom and turmeric drink before bed. I did this every night and loved it. It was really soothing and I loved chewing the ginger and eating the pod to finish it off. This helped me wind down and was a nice finishing practice before sleep. It also made the whole experiment worthwhile for me as I definitely appreciate a novel and tasty new recipe.

It also had some suggestions about sex, but as I am unfortunately celibate at this time due to a gnarly bout of Singleitis, I didn’t have to stress over these points. I’m glad it mentioned these things though, and when I am well again I would definitely relish a normal schedule of love-making as suggested.