Awareness: of our choices

Over the next two plus weeks I focused on having a mindful meal on average every other day. I began each of these meals with expressing gratitude to all those people who assisted in the culmination of the meal in front of me. After expressing my gratitude, initially I struggled with the silence as my mind instantaneously began filling up, reliving the day’s events and reminding me of what tasks I still needed to tackle that day. I felt like I was missing something here. So I tried to focus on slowing down my pace of eating and savoring more of the flavors of the food. Thoughts continued to enter my head but what I started to realize was that I was becoming more present and was becoming aware of the moment I felt I had enough to eat. This was something I never experienced. Unfortunately, this “aha” moment didn’t necessarily prevent me from eating more each time but it made me more consciously aware of my ability to control how I ate. The choice was mine.