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Yoga Has Pulled You Through

Yoga Has Pulled You Through Hard Times It’s always fascinating to hear how people got into yoga.  For some the process was quite gradual. For others it was a more immediate and affirmative knowing.  “I did not even know it was possible to feel this way!?” For others the road to yoga may have been […]

Yoga and Intention Reactivation

The dust and confetti of the holiday season has finally settled and perhaps you have gotten some traction on your intention for 2019.  Mine is/was to give up sugar for 40 days. However, the path of living into a new lifestyle is rarely a straight line. More often than not, affecting life changes is a […]

Yoga Helps You Hit Bottom

  I remember taking a for-credit yoga class at my university in the early 90’s. We dissected the postures and every so often, the teacher would throw out a yogic pearl of wisdom. Somewhere about mid-quarter, I remember her saying “asana is a very small part of yoga practice –just the tip of the iceberg.” […]

Yoga and the Five Koshas

  Did you know that there are actually five of you?  ….Or rather, five distinct layers that constitute you.  Would you like to know what those five parts are and how you can support them through yoga? Early yogic scriptures, espouse that we are much more than a mold of skin and bones that then […]

Five Poses for the Summer Season!

Five Postures for the Summer Season! Summer is in full swing! There is so much to appreciate about this season; spending time outdoors, being more adventurous, travel and doing yoga on the deck! Yoga teaches us that we are not separate from our environment. Our constitution is powerfully influenced by the seasons as is our […]

Are You Dedicated in Practice?

How often do we ask ourselves “Am I dedicated?” Almost by definition, yoga is limitless.  Yoga helps us live more skillfully in the world and ultimately, move beyond the constraints of an embodied life. From that perspective, all life experience is an opportunity to practice a yogic lifestyle and mindset.  The art of a yogic […]

Why Study Yoga Anatomy?

Anatomy is the study of the structure and function of the human body, broken down into its parts. Anatomy is the study of the components that create a unified whole. If you wanted to become a great artist, you would want to know how to blend colors. You would need to know the component parts […]

The Yoga of Cleansing & Four Tips for Increased Vitality

Cleansing has become almost a household word these days. There are many reported and researched health benefits that come from cleansing such as improved digestion, reduced inflammation, dislodging environmental toxins and losing weight. However, I believe there are even more benefits to be gained from doing a cleanse. Cleansing gives us access to expanded mental […]

The Cornerstone of All Yoga Practice

Prana & Breath – Part I Most of us know yoga through the postures. Perhaps we have even heard the Sanskrit word “prana” mentioned in class, though this is the exception to the rule. Traditionally speaking, the pranic-force is fundamental to yoga practice (including the postures) and is as essential as sunlight is to a […]