Atmanivedana: Observations

I did not expect a big change from the few weeks of this experiment but I was wrong. There were lots of positives and lots of negatives that came from adding a daily asana practice at this time in my life. Some of the obvious positive benefits that came from this are the physical. I feel better all the time, everyday tasks are much easier, and it has made my physical labor type job much smoother with less pain and aches at the end of the day. I have also been able to increase my meditations by 5 min everyday with no pain and even longer with minimal discomfort.

I added the asana practice with the intention of it being an extension of my meditations and with the hopes that this would extend into other aspects of my everyday life. I have noticed much greater care and just more detail and clarity in some everyday tasks. I now find caring for my bonsai trees and plants, cleaning the house, and petting the dog can be just as rewarding as the big sale at work. I guess what I have noticed is a slow down almost and if I go into a task with the intention of having the asana mindset then the task itself is worthwhile and not just a means to an end. This seems to happen more easily with physical labor tasks and I now find much more enjoyment in that work. I just wish I could experience that with all parts of life.

I have also noticed a positive change in most relationships around me. I am more open and accepting it seems like and just kind of let them be themselves. I have struggled with this my whole life, always needing to control others. I find the openness can lead to a much deeper and exciting place. I have also noticed though that some people really do not want anything to do with me whatsoever anymore but I have realized that that is ok.