Aparigraha: Questions

Richard Freeman, The Mirror of Yoga, states that Aparigraha is a tendency of the mind to be under the sway of the ego, to simply snatch at things and claim them to be it’s own.  “This I identify with and that I do not.”

So why do I cling to fear as my first emotional reaction?  What beliefs no longer serve me?  Where does my ego sway my mind, so that I identify with something – like what it means to be a “good mother”?  What is under my fear? In Nonviolent Communication emotions are always connected to needs – so that needs are connected to my fear?  What is the fear and how does it serve me now and in the past?  What does it feel like in my body and where does it live in my body?

My questions seem to spill over into more questions.  I begin my experiment with questions.