An Obsessed Exerciser Finds Self-acceptance: Asana

Similarly, I was conscious throughout this experiment to remove any competition from my asana practice.[1] Rather than focusing on how amazing virabhadrasana II might make my triceps look if I held it for x number of minutes, I turned my attention to my breath and to the trueness of the postures.  Additionally, instead of struggling to tuck my foot into the root of my upper thigh in vrksasana pose, I honored my body by keeping my foot against my shin.  For some readers, these modifications would suggest that I never truly grasped the concept of yoga before.  After this experiment, I do not think I would rebuke this observation.  The competitive culture of corporate gyms taught me that yoga was what the beautiful people did to stay thin, and not the importance of the spiritually where this practice finds its roots.

[1] I have come to realize that I am my own biggest competitor… and yoga is NOT a competitive sport!  I idealize the gross manifestation of postures without honoring where I am, in each present moment.