Experiment conclusion: successful. Even though it doesn’t end here. I will continue practicing this Ahimsa in other aspects of my life. Also, my curiosity for exploring the other Yama’s and Niyama’s has been heightened due to watching aspects of them weave in and out of this one. As it stands, the first Yama has been explored in a way that has benefited my interior space and anyone else driving in close proximity to me. Whether this seems like a big accomplishment or not, having had a close friend and beautiful human being recently lose her younger brother to an unnecessary road rage accident one year ago, and watching how that grief has turned her life inside out, it is a significant achievement in my eyes to not only honor her essence, but his as well. Even though the idea of non-harming can go so much further beyond the scope of driving, this seemed like a good place to start as the gears continue to turn around this concept.