Adapting to Vata: Diet

This doesn’t look like so much, but this is nearly all that I eat. For breakfast I normally eat granola and yogurt with strawberries so I could keep the strawberries, but the rest is out. Lunch was a salad all-raw and crackers dry. Dinner was a little better because I eat meat, or fish and vegetables sometimes cooked and sometimes raw. It has been a challenge and fun to find different foods to eat. I have even cooked a few times. It has been the house chuckle that I do know how a stove works. By the 3rd day of my experiment I could tell a noticeable difference in my digestive track, in the past I had never noticed pain but I did have bloating and discomfort. As a result of the dietary changes it has felt softer or easier and less agitated hard to explain. That 3rd day was Halloween day and I work with an 11year old autistic child so we went trick or treating. The people were so generous, they gave me candy too, and of course I ate it. The next day I had an upset stomach and loose bowels and while this got better, I continued to feel pretty queasy for the next 2 days. . I am not sure if this was related to the junk food or an intestinal virus. During those 2 days I ate vata foods but mostly soft foods soup, applesauce and scrambled eggs. I have been feeling well the last 4 days and since have been eating the Vata diet there is a definite improvement in my digestion. I was hoping there would be no difference and I could return to my old eating style. I will have to look at this and see how I can incorporate these foods into my diet. I still don’t like my veggies cooked and I love granola for breakfast. I hope over time my taste will change and I will grow to enjoy this style of eating.