Accepting Self, Others and Life: Analysis

I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life.  However, I did not realize it was such a problem until the last couple of years when insomnia started to take over my well being.  After a while, I made the connection that my insomnia was a product of my anxiety.  One of the reasons for this anxiety was ridiculous and impossible expectations I had for myself.  I felt like I needed to be the best, look the best, feel the best all the time and with everything that I did.  I was terrified of failing and so I worked very hard but worrying about not being the best and failing would keep me up at night.  Over the last few years, I have tried to change how I look and talk to myself.  I have a much better handle on my anxiety and my insomnia.  Recently I have begun to notice that while I am working on having my own attainable and realistic expectations, I do not do the same for others, especially those closest to me.  When I decided to do Ahimsa I first thought I would practice not harming myself with high expectations and negative thinking.  However, this is something I am already aware of and working on (or so I thought at the time).  Instead, I chose to challenge myself a little more and stop harming my relationships with others because of the ridiculous expectations that I have for them.