A Journey Towards Contentment: Continuing

So as we approach this beautiful season of springtime, I plant my garden of contentment.  I spread my yama and niyama seeds into the earth.  I “drop the control” as fertilizer.  I shower it with the awareness of contentment each day, I bathe it in the warmth and depth of meditation each day, and watch as the new little sprouts of peace,  non-violence, truthfulness, honesty, vigor, energy, courage, non-possessiveness, cleanliness, purity, meditation, and most of all, contentment,  begin to sprout, grow, and flourish in this season I call my life.  My little mantras, “ be content” and “drop control”, always at my side, waiting to tap me softly on my shoulder least I forget they are there.

Thank you to all of my teachers, past, present, and future, who continue to help me find my center, my perfect yoga. My contentment.