A Few Reflections on Oiling

Oiling produced many of the results I had expected.   Taking the time to oil my body allowed me to become more relaxed and present in my body.   I often had a feeling of gratitude for the amazing tool we have been given during the process of oiling.  The sesame/sunflower oil I used was infused with lavender, chamomile and sage which brought an even deeper state of relaxation to my being.  The oil also brought warmth to my body which was welcome on these colder nights.  My skin felt less dry in general and my feet which were especially cracked became rejuvenated.   There were a couple evenings when I was stressed out and didn’t want to deal with the extra task of oiling. Looking back on this I find it quite ridiculous that I operated like this, as I had already experienced the benefits of this previously. Maybe I subconsciously wanted to be miserable?