Yoga Resolution 9: Share Your Practice

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Yoga Resolution #9: Share Your Practice


Welcome to a new beginning!

Congratulations on making it to the final installment of our nine part series on setting our intentions for the new year!  I hope the series has been enlightening for you and has helped to propel you into a powerful new direction in 2017.  Living into your resolve is an ongoing process that can extend well beyond the length of this series.  Living out your soul’s purpose can be the journey of a lifetime!

9 yoga resolutions for 2017 to ring in the New Year - Axis Yoga Teacher Trainings of Denver

Most if not everyone participating in this series has some sort of yoga practice.  I encourage you to maintain the momentum you have started, and continue your yoga practice as we take the next bold steps into 2017!  What aspirations or dreams are you living into?  What sort of support are you receiving?

As we wrap things up, I invite you to plot out your next bold step in the coming year and put some stakes in the ground.  What can you commit to now that will continue to propel you into the rest of the year?  What can you aspire towards that will give you inspiration as you navigate your everyday responsibilities?

Perhaps it is a trip.  Perhaps it is some shift in a significant relationship, or adjusting your diet or developing new associations, or even deepening your yoga practice.  

Yoga is the eternal wellspring of peace and clarity amid the myriad fluctuations of life. It has been my own experience and the experience of many, many students.  If deepening your yoga practice has been on your list, I invite you to take you to take the next courageous leap into our upcoming spring yoga teacher training!

People take the training for a variety of reasons ranging from personal enrichment to becoming full time yoga teachers.  Perhaps your 2017 resolve could benefit from a richly supportive environment that will take your yoga practice to the next level!  If so, I invite you to apply for our upcoming program, just click here for more details.

Wishing You the Best in 2017!