Yoga Resolution 8: Let Gratitude Be Your Guide

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Live and grow in a state of appreciate.

Yoga Resolution #8: Let Gratitude Be Your Guide

Let’s begin with a word of appreciation for all of your dedicated effort to live into your 2017 resolve!  Now, in this moment, reflect upon your three greatest victories in the new year and then softly smile to yourself for 15 seconds :)

9 yoga resolutions for 2017 to ring in the New Year - Axis Yoga Teacher Trainings of Denver

How did that feel?  We are almost three weeks into the new year and I hope you are seeing progress; that your resolve is actually coming to life!  When we live in alignment with our soul’s deeper purpose, as expressed through our resolve, happiness and fulfillment occur naturally.  What a beautiful gift!

I invite you to celebrate your victories, whether small or large, with the spirit of gratitude.  Living in gratitude lightens the load of doubt, worry and anxiety and frees us up to live life with an awake sense of curiosity and wonder in the face of all sorts of circumstances.

As you plot the course of your new year’s resolve, what have you discovered, what can you be most grateful for?  I would encourage you to continue with your yoga practice to help generate a wellspring of support, insights and, well…. Gratitude.


As an exercise, keep a gratitude journal for the next 21 days to help maintain the momentum you have accumulated thus far.  Write down 5-10 things you are most grateful everyday.  I can promise you, it will shift the way that you see the world!



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