Yoga Resolution 7: Give Yourself An “A” for Effort

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High-five yourself! You deserve it!

Yoga Resolution #7: Give Yourself An “A” for Effort

It comes easier for some than for others…  Some have a natural propensity to take their shortcomings in stride.  Thankfully, a positive outlook and the ability to genuinely acknowledge your successes is something we can cultivated.

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We began this series by formulating a resolve for the new year.  How is it going?  I’m sure that for many of you the results may have been mixed.  I’m sure you can think of examples of when you took action in support of your resolve and other times when you may have convinced yourself to do otherwise.

Living in alignment with your resolve is its own reward, it speaks for itself, and can fill us with inspiration to continue upon the path (even if it is hard).  But what to do if we are not living in alignment?

Rather than assuming you are a failure or incapable, see your shortcomings simple as feedback.  When we deviate from our resolve, or circumstances blow us in a different direction than we intended, welcome the input you are receiving with acceptance and curiosity; take this even one step further and find something to appreciate about the situation.

Recognize and acknowledge your efforts, learn from the situation, and simple take the next courageous step in the direction of your resolve.  Our resolve really describes who we are when we are in harmony with ourselves.

Here is a simple exercise to help you see where you are on the path of living into your resolve:


At the end of the day, begin by writing down your resolve.  In the spirit of genuine curiosity and objectivity, reflect on when you may have come up short in your resolve.

  • What was the situation? What thoughts went along with it? How did it feel?
  • What did you say and do in response? How did that feel?
  • Is this a familiar thought or feeling in your life?
  • How can you respond differently to this occurrence in the future? Do you change how you are perceiving the situation and or how you respond/act?

Conducting this exercise will help to reshape your relationship to your resolve, take off any negative charge and plot you in the direction of living into your deepest intention with maximum intentionally, self awareness, and acceptance.



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