Student Testimonials

At the completion of each of our trainings, students are given the opportunity to share any feedback they may have regarding the program.  This might include highlights of their experience or constructive criticism.  Both forms of feedback are graciously welcomed as much of the student input is then implemented into the next training session.  Through this ongoing process of feedback and refinement our program continues to grow and evolve.

There is a confident part of me that thinks that I’ve finally done it, I’ve created the best and most watertight program possible.  At the start of each session I briefly go through that process until I start to discover things that can be further developed and improved upon.  The student feedback is an important part of that process.

Participants are freely asked if they would like to give some testimonial.  They are free to do so or not.  What follows are a some examples of those testimonials, written in a very concise format.  Every paragraph or few sentences is a complete submission.  As a teacher, it is always very affirming to hear their responses.


Testimonial I

Overall I feel I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge over the past three months during the YTT program. I’ve grown stronger personally, mentally, physically and emotionally. I am very happy with how my yoga practice has improved and how overall I am more aware of my body and breath in the postures during asana. I also feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to learn more about pranayama as I didn’t know much about it prior to the start of the program. In addition, I feel more confident in speaking publicly which was a big fear of mine at the start of the program. Generally speaking though I am very thankful to have been given the opportunity to participate in such an informative program with some highly trained professionals. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in either deepening their practice or becoming a yoga teacher.

The content of this program has allowed me to grow spiritually and as a teacher of yoga. I had the teaching background already so the content really helped me embody yoga for my students.

Axis Yoga Training helped me to not only deepen my own practice, but has given more confidence and knowledge to share my passion with others.

Testimonial II

Axis Yoga TT is an in-depth, comprehensive program that prepares students to be able to speak wisely to all aspects of yoga, not just asana. The teacher training at Axis Yoga brought light and strength to yoga in my life. It created a beautiful foundation for me to grow, love and know peace.  This program changed my life. I wanted yoga to be the main course instead of just dessert, and indeed I find it front and center on my plate each day now. I appreciate that this program stayed true to its word in being a “classical” training. This training felt authentic and real and I’m coming out the other end happier.

This program really challenged me. It took my understanding of yoga to unexpected and amazing places. I truly believe I am walking away changed and ready to share yoga in the best way I know how!

The philosophy/theory is such an amazing aspect to yoga, and I truly feel like this program does a great job of making sure we know how valuable it is. I loved practicing sadhana every time we met. This program stays true to its word as a “classical program”.

Testamonial III

I Loved all of the instructors! They’re musicians in a band, each contributing their own sound, skill and style. The result was a comprehensive construction of asana, in depth and fascinating representation of sadhana, pranayama, vayus, and interactive kirtan and opportunities to practice teaching. The time spent in the program was one of self-discovery, spiritual and character growth, and I found my voice. I felt like a true community was developed.

All of the teachers were and are inspiring strong leaders. I love this training overall and feel it is a good foundation. It is my desire to go even deeper to take more training.

I came here to grow and that I did. It was a very well rounded program and I learned much more about yoga and my self than I expected to. I recommend the program to anyone who wants to learn and grow.

The diversity of the teachers was phenomenal! All of them wonderful, offering an in depth look into their world of yoga. This program was beautifully integrative. As a whole from teachers to the content. You get a real sense of what yoga truly is. Thank you, thank you!

I would highly recommend the Axis Yoga Teacher Training. All the instructors are very knowledgeable and personable. They really care that all the students learn to be better yogis and better people.

The breadth of the course is marvelous. The teaching staff is well-rounded and very experienced and I really enjoyed the class diversity.

Open House -July 24th

Greetings Everyone,

Axis Yoga Trainings will be hosting an Open House next Saturday July 24th from 4-6pm. The Open House is intended to give participants a very brief introduction to our training program and provide a class/forum for the general public to participate in a yoga class.  The event will consist of  an one and a half hour long class (including pranayama, meditation and asana) followed by an informal Q. and A. session.  The entire evening is offered free of charge and participants are encouraged to bring a mat and something comfortable to sit on.

Again, that’s…
July Aug. 24th, from 4-6pm

Consulate Healing Center 750 E. 9th Ave
(Cap Hill -Washington and Clarkson streets)

Hope to See You There,

Graduation Photos

Axis Yoga has once again successfully graduated another class of yoga instructors.  Some have taken the program purely for personal enrichment while others will go on to teach.  Regardless of their motivation, students tell me year after year what an extraordinary experience the training was for them, how their whole perspective on yoga has changed and how grateful they are to have participated.  The training culminates in a graduation ceremony in which the students bring their friends and families.

The graduation requires every one’s participation as students assemble the banquette room, prepare food and clean up all in dress attire!  Everyone gets into the spirit of karma yoga and the work seems effortless as everyone selflessly works for the common good.  In many ways, the graduation ceremony is the culmination of their learning.