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An Ineffective Class

I asked the students to go out and take some classes out in the community and report upon their experiences, both positive and negative.  Here is one student’s reflections on […]

Integrated Yoga Postures

Integrated yoga Postures Integrated yoga postures do not happen on their own.  An astute yoga teacher goes beyond a route understanding of poses or scripped sequences.  More than likely, they […]

Opening Doors

Yoga for Everyone Happy Holidays, Thank you for staying with me as I’ve broken my record in the proximity of newsletters over the past few months, but with so many […]

Develop a Home Practice

How Do I Develop a Home Practice? In an age of unprecedented amounts of distractions, it’s no wonder that so many people struggle with having a regular home practice. How […]

Yoga Has Pulled You Through

Yoga Has Pulled You Through Hard Times It’s always fascinating to hear how people got into yoga.  For some the process was quite gradual. For others it was a more […]